Unruly Yarn Balls

I own a lot of yarn, hence my yarn addiction. Most of the skeins I own come already wound from the manufacturer so they hold together fairly well. Of course unless my cat and cat-dog decide they want to play in the craft room full of yummy yarn balls.  Recently, I've collected skeins of yarn that require me to wind them before they can be used. If they are 150 yards or less there is not much of a problem with the ball unraveling, but the Cascade 220 skeins are a great example of "Unruly" yarn balls once wound. I know, I know, you're probably saying, "Just use a yarn bra.". Well, they are just a tad too expensive, and with my yarn addiction I can only afford to spend cash on more yarn, not frivolous accessory purchases such as a "Yarn Bra".
Anyway, I've come up with a frugal way to contain those pesky balls of unraveling yarn and it will only cost you $1.00. That's right, one dollar. (Plus tax, of course) Here's what I did:

Mesh Bath Sponge

I went to my local Dollar Tree Store and bought a Mesh Bath Sponge. They come in an array of colors. I chose clear so that I would easily be able to see the color of the yarn.

Next, I removed the cord that holds the mesh together to form the sponge.

After that, I stretched out the mesh, which, at this point is one long continuous tube of mesh.

Then, I took one of those unruly balls of yarn and carefully slipped it into one end of the mesh tube to measure approximately where I might cut.

After carefully removing the unruly ball of yarn, I tied a tight knot and then cut just below it. This I now call my mesh pouch. I turned it inside out so that the knot is inside the mesh pouch. Since mesh naturally pulls into itself, it forms it's own small opening for the yarn tail to come out. That's it!
Let me know how yours works for you.
I will talk about other ways to use these little Mesh Bath Sponge guys in another article called "Are Mesh Bath Sponges recyclable?" 
Link TBA soon!
Thanks for visiting and I hope this article was helpful to you! xox


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