Artist of the Week Jana Lehmann with Polymer Clay

Artist of the Week Jana Lehmann

I was trolling on Pinterest one day, as usual, searching for some inspiration when I came across 
these amazing polymer clay covered pens. They were created by German clay artist Jana Lehmann 
and I fell in love with her work instantly. See them below:

And the wonderful part of Jana is, she doesn't just make unbelievably decorative pens. Jana make exquisite eye catching jewelry as well. See only a few samples of her work in jewelry here:

And I even found a colorful box she made:
Here is all about the artist and some informative links to check out more of her modern fun artwork!

"Hi, my name is Jana Lehmann. I live with my husband and three sweet kids in Stuttgart, Germany. I’m a Stay at Home mom and in my spare time (when I’m not too tired) I love to be creative. Mostly I play with polymer clay but sewing or paper crafting are favorite activities too. I know polymer clay for more than 10 years, it wasn’t love at the first sight because I was also busy with other creative materials. I made little figurines and magnets, I tried to make some millefiori canes and other little things – beginner’s stuff. One day I had to decide for just one material because of financial reasons (it’s very expensive if you want to empty a whole craft store) and I chose polymer clay. I started to explore the world of polymer clay in the internet, and after I bought a pasta machine and a Dremel tool I had more possibilities to play and then I fell in love with this fascinating material. My first brand was Fimo Soft, later Fimo Classic but now I prefer to work with Pardo Professional Art Clay. I love colors, stripes, circles, dots, stamps, glitter, smooth shapes, colorful toys, scrap-booking, 60’s style  – all these things are inspiration or tools for my work."

Below are a couple of informative websites where you can find out more about Jana and see more of her beautiful artwork:


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