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Hand Knit Baby/Toddler Blanket 30x30

Kara Mayfield lives with her husband and two adorable children in Citrus Heights, California. She worked as a telemarketer and auto insurance claims adjuster for 25 years before she decided to follow her lifelong dream of turning her hobby into her day job. Kara’s studio is based out of her home in Citrus Heights, California where she designs and creates with a number of different media; fiber, knitting, embroidery, jewelry making, polymer clay, sewing, computer graphics, and writing. 
Kara started selling her products on the Etsy marketplace in February 2009. Since then she’s published two knitting pattern books, 49 knitting patterns (and counting), and successfully sold many of her hand made products. Proudly she’s also been featured in Better Homes and Gardens DIY 2013 Best of Etsy Special Edition.
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Production has been slow and difficult for this wife and mother of two.  Just 5 days after the birth of her second child in May 2009, she was abruptly afflicted with, what was thought to be, acute Labyrinthitis. It was later discovered that Labyrinthitis was a misdiagnosis and in fact it turned out to be the onset of Meniere’s disease with vestibular neuritis caused by an inflammation of the inner ear, damaging nerves leading to the brain. The permanent aftermath of this rare attack has left her with partial deafness, tinnitus, hyperacusis, a balance disorder, vertigo attacks, in addition to severe chronic migraines, making each day’s simplest tasks very challenging, often impossible. As she strives to care for her beloved family and keep life functioning normally she still finds time to escape the madness of her limitations to explore and create in her world of Knit 'n Kaboodle.

Over 2 million Americans have Meniere's Disease.

In September 2012, a visit to the National Library of Medicine’s search engine, Pubmed, revealed more than 6800 research articles concerning Meniere’s disease published since 1883. In spite of this concentration of effort by the medical community, Meniere’s disease remains a chronic, incurable disorder that causes progressive disability to both hearing and balance. The American Hearing Research Foundation (AHRF), has funded basic research on Meniere’s disease in the past, and are very interested in funding additional research on Meniere’s disease in the future. They are particularly interested in projects that might lead to method of stopping progression of hearing loss and the disabling attacks of dizziness.

20% of all proceeds from Knit 'n Kaboodle Designs is donated annually to find a cure for Meniere’s Disease, donations are made to:

American Hearing Research Foundation
275 N. York St.
Suite 401
Elmhurst, IL 60126


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