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Kara Mayfield lives with her husband and two adorable children in Citrus Heights, California. She worked as a telemarketer and auto insurance claims adjuster for 25 years before she decided to follow her lifelong dream of turning her hobby into her day job. Kara’s studio is based out of her home in Citrus Heights, California where she designs and creates with a number of different media; fiber, knitting, embroidery, jewelry making, polymer clay, sewing, computer graphics, and writing.  Kara started selling her products on the Etsy marketplace in February 2009. Since then she’s published two knitting pattern books, 49 knitting patterns (and counting), and successfully sold many of her hand made products. Proudly she’s also been featured in Better Homes and Gardens DIY 2013 Best of Etsy Special Edition.
Production has been slow and difficult for this wife and mother of two.  Just 5 days after the birth of her second child in May 2009, she was abruptly afflicted with, what was t…

Unruly Yarn Balls

I own a lot of yarn, hence my yarn addiction. Most of the skeins I own come already wound from the manufacturer so they hold together fairly well. Of course unless my cat and cat-dog decide they want to play in the craft room full of yummy yarn balls.  Recently, I've collected skeins of yarn that require me to wind them before they can be used. If they are 150 yards or less there is not much of a problem with the ball unraveling, but the Cascade 220 skeins are a great example of "Unruly" yarn balls once wound. I know, I know, you're probably saying, "Just use a yarn bra.". Well, they are just a tad too expensive, and with my yarn addiction I can only afford to spend cash on more yarn, not frivolous accessory purchases such as a "Yarn Bra".
Anyway, I've come up with a frugal way to contain those pesky balls of unraveling yarn and it will only cost you $1.00. That's right, one dollar. (Plus tax, of course) Here's what I did:

I went to my …

Living With Meniere's Disease

One of the things I wish to use my blog for is to help other people who have Meniere's Disease or are concerned they may have it but aren't certain. I wish to share my experiences, struggles, past and present and discuss what helps me overcome them. I am happy to hear from anyone who may have a question or comment about Meniere's Disease. I will whenever possible attempt to leave informative links at the end of my writings for your use. Your feedback is appreciated and if you have any useful links to add please do so in the comments. As many of you may or may not know Meniere's Disease is associated with migraines. I will also be discussing from time to time my own struggles with Migraine Disease as well as Meniere's Disease as I do have both diseases overlapping, yet separate. I will discuss issues with pain management, ways of coping, dealing with depression, (my children help me a lot in these areas) and how important it is to make sure you are patient with your…

Artist of the Week Jana Lehmann with Polymer Clay

Artist of the Week Jana Lehmann I was trolling on Pinterest one day, as usual, searching for some inspiration when I came across  these amazing polymer clay covered pens. They were created by German clay artist Jana Lehmann 
and I fell in love with her work instantly. See them below:

And the wonderful part of Jana is, she doesn't just make unbelievably decorative pens. Jana make exquisite eye catching jewelry as well. See only a few samples of her work in jewelry here:
And I even found a colorful box she made: Here is all about the artist and some informative links to check out more of her modern fun artwork!
"Hi, my name is Jana Lehmann. I live with my husband and three sweet kids in Stuttgart, Germany. I’m a Stay at Home mom and in my spare time (when I’m not too tired) I love to be creative. Mostly I play with polymer clay but sewing or paper crafting are favorite activities too. I know polymer clay for more than 10 years, it wasn’t love at the first sight because I was also busy…

Rosette Pin Brooch Numbered Series

I've been knitting for over 30 years now. I've always had a special fondness and appreciation for the beautiful look of a hand knit piece, especially the edging. I designed this brooch to showcase just that, the edge.
This is the first Rosette Brooch Pin in a series of twelve. Made entirely by hand, this sweet little rosette brooch is adorned with colorful Swarovski crystals and Miyuki glass beads. The hand knit spiral shaped rose in fuchsia tones, paired with its scrolled leaf, make this brooch an original, one of a kind, collectible. It is the perfect finishing touch to any sweater, hat, lapel, scarf, shawl or handbag.

Wool yarn
Wool felt backing with pin
Swarovski Crystals
Miyuki Glass Beads
Measures approximately 3" long and 1 3/4 " high

I hope you like it...

This one is available at my Etsy shop: Click Here

This one is available at my Etsy shop: Click Here

This one is available at my Etsy shop: Click Here

Thank you so much for reading my humble little blog. I reall…